Select the model and current carrier of the device you wish to unlock and enter the IMEI or Serial number. Your phone unlock is complete. All Rights Reserved. Learn how to remove lock screen on mobile phone. Unlock your Samsung device to use on any network. Your live tracking login is supplied within a confirmation email. If your device does not prompt you for the unlock code then a software download will be provided through our premium service. Unlock Huawei Nova 4 with code is the method recommended by the manufacturer Huawei, this unlocking solution to remove the network restriction will not void the device warranty and it is permanent.

7. As soon as you would launch the interface, it will ask you to provide your phone’s manufacturer and model details. If you have not connected the two, you will need to use other methods. You can change your Huawei phone password by doing the following: Step 1: On the home screen, select Menu > Settings > Location & Security > Set up Screen Lock > Password. Once your Huawei mobile phone is unlocked with free mobile phone unlock codes at it will be unlocked safely and permanently.

Step 3: Re-enter the password and click "OK". Unplug and restart your device before using it with any other SIM. Dial *#06# on your device to retrieve your IMEI number.

1. Earlier, there was no need to spend anything to get bootloader unlock code from Huawei, but now users need to spend up to $60 to get unlock code. Simply run it on your phone with a new SIM to unlock it. Step 3: Confirm your device information. This site uses cookies. Let’s understand how each of them works. By continuing to browse our site you accept our cookie policy.

Unlocking of Huawei by code is the fastest and secured method.

Go to its dedicated Huawei page right here and make sure that your model is listed. Tips and tricks for backing up data on iOS Android devices. If you don’t want one, tap None or Huawei unlock. Why is IMEI the best way to unlock my Huawei phone? In three simple steps with our unlocking service. Step 1: Turn off your cell phone.Step 2: Simultaneously hold the Volume Up and Power Up button for 15 seconds or until you see a recovery menu.
Please note that this option is only available to those who have previously connected their Huawei phone to a Google Account. Today in this article, we share with you the Huawei V4 unlock code calculator latest update by Salluhasan. 3 easy steps to sim unlock any Huawei by IMEI using our unlocking service. Tips and tricks for recovering data from iOS Android devices. Tips and tricks for fixing all iOS update problems. Select the network / carrier that your device is currently locked to. HUAWEI V4 AND V5 UNLOCK CODE CALCULATOR BY IMEI 1. Like any other type of Android phone, if you enter the wrong passcode too many times, you get locked out.

You may find your Huawei is only unlocked to certain other carriers. If at any stage you feel lost or unsure, our dedicated team of customer support staff are on hand to help you with your phone unlocking needs. 2. Like other Smartphone companies Huawei provides the same security system to lock the screen and if you have locked yourself out and don't not know the way to get back in or if you are searching the solution for Huawei pin code unlock this article will explain three methods to unlock your Huawei phone. This website is neither affiliated nor part of any of the network operators / handset manufacturers detailed on our website.

Step 4: Input a new screen lock password and click Lock. Step 4: Wait for data package to download and follow the instructions to remove your password. All you got to do is insert a new SIM to your device and use the code to unlock it. For a better user experience, please use the latest version of Internet Explorer or switch to another browser.

Unlock Huawei Phone Online (Huawei Unlock Code) - Official SIM Unlock from is rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 348 reviews.

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The only information we need from you is the IMEI number, which you can get by dialling *#06# on the Huawei keypad, the carrier the Huawei is currently locked to and country, as well as some basic details and payment information. Unlock your Huawei device to use on any network. It provides support 24/7 and has a 98% success rate at unlocking.

Start by selecting your device. To know your device’s IMEI number, you can go to Settings -> About -> IMEI and scroll to the “Status” tab to read your device’s IMEI. If you are using a password or PIN, you need to use Android Device Manager to unlock your Huawei. Instant delivery Huawei factory code with step by step instructions by email. We have presented the best Huawei code calculator in this post to make it easier for you. How to reset simlock block Huawei. If your Huawei device has Pattern/PIN/Password lock and you have forgotten the pattern, you can unlock the device by signing into your Google account. Lastly, it will ask you to provide your email id and the IMEI number of your phone. Algo V4 (2015).

Unlock your Huawei phone from any carrier, anywhere in the world! If PIN protection is enabled for both SIM cards, you'll have to enter the PINs for both cards respectively each time you power on the phone or replace a SIM card when the phone is powered on. How to enter unlock code on Huawei phone? In no time, we will present you with the solution(s) to free up your Huawei cell phone from any Network Lock once and for all, and at the most competitive rate too ! Start by visiting the application’s official website right. In three simple steps, you can unlock your Huawei device with its interactive interface. Official SIM Unlock offer IMEI unlocking at a market leading rate with a 100% success rate! Official SIM Unlock can get your Huawei phone unlocked in as little as a few hours.

If your device runs android, to make sure your device prompts for the unlock code please insert a SIM card from a different carrier than the one the device is currently locked to, and restart the device. Following the steps below to start. My device hasn’t prompted me for the unlock code. You can also check the commercials involved in the process.
Select your cellphone model from the list below.

A PUK code is the PIN Unlocking Key delivered with your SIM card, which is used to unlock your SIM card when you have entered a wrong PIN (PIN1) code many times. Unlock your HTC device to use on any network. To unlock Huawei, turn ON with unacceptable simcard (another than current network provider sim card).

Sorry for no help.Please select the following methods to obtain more support: When the PIN protection feature is enabled, you'll need to enter the SIM card PIN each time you power on the phone or replace a SIM card when the phone is powered on. This will completely erase all of your cell phone data including your passcode, and reset it to it's original settings. Hence, the unlock codes of Algorithm v1, v2, v3 (201) are useless in these devices. As soon as you would log in, it will give a prompt, letting you know that you are ready to unlock your device. Insert a SIM card from a different network carrier. In the next 1-8 working days, 3 different codes will be provided to you. 6. If you are looking for ways on how to unlock Huawei phone password or how to reset a Huawei phone that is locked, iMyFone LockWiper (Android) will be the best choice for Huawei pin code unlock. 4. Message to enter an unlock code should appear 3. Since Huawei unlock code is an online service, you don’t have to go through the hassle of downloading or installing any software. Select the service you wish to use from the list.

Method 1: Unlock Bootloader using third-party Unlock Code: Recently, Huawei has stopped providing bootloader unlock code to any Huawei device. Unlocking a Huawei device by simply using the code provided. It’s just that easy to unlock the Huawei lock screen.

To unlock your phone, you need to access your Google account, and if you can't remember your password, you can use Google Account Recovery Suite to recover. App to transfer data from iPhone/Android to Android. A PIN code is the Personal Identification Number (PIN1) delivered with your SIM card to better protect your data. DOWNLOAD HUAWEI V4 UNLOCK CODE CALCULATOR 100% WORKING Unlocking of Huawei V4 modems in most cases can be done via the pin boot method. The above solution requires Google account, but if you don't have access to your account and you want to unlock, there's another way to unlock Huawei Phone/Pin/Pattern. Excellent company, if you need your phone unlocking use them, I’d used another company without success, 100% recommend to anyone. The PassFab Android Unlocker works without any limitations and designed to deliver the result in three steps.

Jailbreaking and other methods of unlocking will invalidate warranty.

Part 1: dr.fone - SIM Unlock Service; Part 2: Huawei Code Calculator; Part 3:; Part 4: DC-Unlocker It has developed a series of excellent password recovery software to help users solve their password problems.