Parameters Depth Map Layer The control layer from which the depth map is taken. Mysterious, dramatic Opening Sequence for your Feature film, easy Customization of texts, colors, positions, length, aspect ratio, Can be used as Credits or Movie Trailer, too, 24 Credit Titles, one Main Title, three End Titles, Expression based Project, linked to one Control Layer for easy one-click Customization, Two ready made aspect ratios: 16:9 and 2.35:1 (Cinemascope), 29 prerendered Bokeh-Transitions (QT Photo-Jpeg, 1080p, 29,97fps), includes over 17 minutes of video training, Completely created in After Effects, i.e. Not that I've personally confirmed this since I refuse to install CC 2015, or work in anything higher than CS6 since the developers have removed the option for me to work in a dark on light interface for no apparent reason. Lens Blur simulates the blur of a real life camera. Don't you see it? Please do continue filing bugs for issues that you see in After Effects. According to Tim K. this was "higher on our priority list" almost exactly a year ago, and yet the problem exists. This is ridiculous. That legacy support is in there somewhere. I'm considering it a lot now. Amen! I know you aren't responsible. Also, Todd, I did submit a bug report so hopefully the issue gets addressed some point down the road. Increase this value for greater blur. Furthermore, even if adjusting the blur radius was an acceptable solution, even that method doesn't work properly. If there wasn't any overlap I wouldn't need this tool. This problem has made me completely avoid using CS6. Foreground elements that should be sharp render sharp, but with a blurry halo around them. TO MAC USERS:If password doesn't work, use this archive program: Lockdown v1.5.7 For [WIN] and v1.5.4 For [MAC] - Aescripts, Videohive Motion Typography Essential Graphics | Mogrt - Premiere Pro, Videohive Quick Logo Sting Pack 09: Blur, Light & Bokeh. Has this moved forward yet or been dealt with, do you know? However, after 2 years now, and being on CC 2014.2, this is still ugly when using a depth map. The old Lens Blur handled depth maps correctly, but it was slow as hell. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. You might try adjusting the Blur Focal Distance (Blur Map) and the Blur Radius for better results. The one reason I want to use this tool is because I have overlapping depths from a depth map. Bokeh transitions reveal your titles / credits and give your project a mystery touch. Or let's go crazy, just buy the Frischluft (Dat name...) blur which works and pack it. You can then call up that preset in CS6 and the old Lens Blur effect will appear in the effects palette, even though that actual plugin doesn't live in any of the plugin folders as far as I can see. The value decrease is not a workaround. And stop behaving like all's fine when you see it yourself it is not. The Frishluft DOF plugin does it correctly. A Blur Radius of anything but zero creates the blurry halo around my foreground element; the larger the radius, the bigger the halo. I took away the current pluging for "lens blur" and this worked. It seems like every other day I need to buy this plugin or that plugin to get the functionality I need from AE. Define "better." The "new" Camera Lens Blur is acting like the Compound Blur effect. I want that big particle in the upper left to be totally sharp, with everything in the distance getting progressively blurrier without any halos around that foreground element. Sounds reasonable. Anyone know how to make this new "improved" Camera Lens Blur look like the other plugins? /t5/after-effects/crummy-camera-lens-blur-cs6/m-p/4709609#M5059, /t5/after-effects/crummy-camera-lens-blur-cs6/m-p/4709610#M5060, /t5/after-effects/crummy-camera-lens-blur-cs6/m-p/4709611#M5061, /t5/after-effects/crummy-camera-lens-blur-cs6/m-p/4709612#M5062, /t5/after-effects/crummy-camera-lens-blur-cs6/m-p/4709613#M5063, /t5/after-effects/crummy-camera-lens-blur-cs6/m-p/4709614#M5064, /t5/after-effects/crummy-camera-lens-blur-cs6/m-p/4709615#M5065, /t5/after-effects/crummy-camera-lens-blur-cs6/m-p/4709616#M5066, /t5/after-effects/crummy-camera-lens-blur-cs6/m-p/4709617#M5067, /t5/after-effects/crummy-camera-lens-blur-cs6/m-p/4709618#M5068, /t5/after-effects/crummy-camera-lens-blur-cs6/m-p/4709619#M5069, /t5/after-effects/crummy-camera-lens-blur-cs6/m-p/4709620#M5070, /t5/after-effects/crummy-camera-lens-blur-cs6/m-p/4709623#M5073, /t5/after-effects/crummy-camera-lens-blur-cs6/m-p/4709624#M5074, /t5/after-effects/crummy-camera-lens-blur-cs6/m-p/4709625#M5075, /t5/after-effects/crummy-camera-lens-blur-cs6/m-p/4709626#M5076, /t5/after-effects/crummy-camera-lens-blur-cs6/m-p/4709627#M5077, /t5/after-effects/crummy-camera-lens-blur-cs6/m-p/4709621#M5071, /t5/after-effects/crummy-camera-lens-blur-cs6/m-p/4709622#M5072, /t5/after-effects/crummy-camera-lens-blur-cs6/m-p/4709628#M5078, /t5/after-effects/crummy-camera-lens-blur-cs6/m-p/4709629#M5079, /t5/after-effects/crummy-camera-lens-blur-cs6/m-p/4709630#M5080, /t5/after-effects/crummy-camera-lens-blur-cs6/m-p/4709631#M5081, /t5/after-effects/crummy-camera-lens-blur-cs6/m-p/4709632#M5082, /t5/after-effects/crummy-camera-lens-blur-cs6/m-p/4709634#M5084, /t5/after-effects/crummy-camera-lens-blur-cs6/m-p/4709636#M5086, /t5/after-effects/crummy-camera-lens-blur-cs6/m-p/4709640#M5090, /t5/after-effects/crummy-camera-lens-blur-cs6/m-p/4709641#M5091, /t5/after-effects/crummy-camera-lens-blur-cs6/m-p/4709633#M5083, /t5/after-effects/crummy-camera-lens-blur-cs6/m-p/4709635#M5085. The Fastest Blur & Glow Effect in the World for After Effects and Premiere Pro. After Effect's "Camera Lens Blur" seems to give really poor results. Why isn't After Effects preview real-time. If the halo's blur radius reduced exponentially compared to background's blur radius, then it would accurately reflect the "depth" of the object. You don't get halo effect when you simply turn off the effect! I somehow doubt it, which leads me to believe that this was a known issue when the new effect was added. Just apply the old Lens Blur to a layer in CS5 and save it as a preset. I hope it's the first option. Just made a bug report. Can you file a bug report?, After Effects: Hot (1390 ideas) – Adobe video & audio apps, How to fix "Display Acceleration Disabled", Fix dynamic link between After Effects and AME. /t5/after-effects/crummy-camera-lens-blur-cs6/td-p/4709603, /t5/after-effects/crummy-camera-lens-blur-cs6/m-p/4709604#M5054, /t5/after-effects/crummy-camera-lens-blur-cs6/m-p/4709605#M5055, /t5/after-effects/crummy-camera-lens-blur-cs6/m-p/4709606#M5056, /t5/after-effects/crummy-camera-lens-blur-cs6/m-p/4709607#M5057, /t5/after-effects/crummy-camera-lens-blur-cs6/m-p/4709608#M5058. After Effects CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2016, CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5, CS4 | 1920x1080 | Optical Flares | 380 Mb. Sorry you feel that way. I don't know how you were able to plug in 8520. Elegant Bokeh Particle Logo - After Effects Templates (Videohive). It's clear now that it won't get any update. It just hasn't risen to the top of the to-do list because we have seen very few bug reports about it, so it seems that not very many people are bothered by it. We read all of them and the data we get helps us to prioritize improvements to After Effects. Just to remind you, here some pictures of what we are experiencing with your Lens Blur using a depth map. Bokeh transitions reveal your titles / credits and give your project a mystery touch. Thing that I doubt to be a bug. Can you file a bug report? Be kind and respectful, give credit to the original source of content, and search for duplicates before posting. Adjusting the Blur Focal Distance racks the blur. I'm having the same issue. So, yes, do submit a bug report to cast your vote. I love having my after effects compositing effects, flares, particles, etc blurred properly in the scene. Does Ash "Amazing Spider-Man" Beck not notice the halo around foreground objects? Okay, 71 views in 24 hours and no replies. Again, thanks for looking into this; I appreciate it. But yes, the bokeh is really nice. It's just too bad it's so very slow and kills multiprocessing. Stretch Map To Fit Stretches the control layer to the dimensions of the layer to which it is applied; otherwise, the control. Fast Camera Lens Blur 4.1.0 Win Full Version for After Effects and Premiere Pro. Here's an image showing the depth map and how the three plugins render it: The images are composited from 16-bit PNGs rendered out of Cinema 4D. So now we're in AE CC 2014 and I see absolutely no difference to this essential feature! The blur depends on a black and white depth map as well as simulated iris settings. Foreground elements appear sharp but with a blurry halo since the entire "background" is being blurred, creating a blurred ghost of the foreground element.