The Ephemeral, a mysterious flower with the power of corruption, has turned the continent upside down, and the country of Cuento is now besieged by its power. A few weeks ago, we heard that the western version enjoyed a “strong start” and that it passed one million players . Given that EP 5 doesn't have much in terms of content and Sega hasn't minded released entire sagas together, I think that EPISODE 5 will be released alongside EPISODE 6 as a "Photoner Saga" release. Below you can check out the trailer released to celebrate the announcement, showing off the decidedly fantasy (with an “F”) theme of Episode 5. Arks-Visiphone is an English database for the North American version of Phantasy Star Online 2, an online action RPG created by Sega and published by Microsoft in North America.. As the history behind Dark Falz [Gemini] comes to light, the player must race against the clock to stop Ys Artia from falling to ruin. EPISODE 5 is the fifth of Phantasy Star Online 2's six Episodes and the first installment of the Photoner Arc. Weapons Weapon Camos Units Rings Photon Arts Techniques Fashion Enhancement Affix Augments Items Potentials Sweets. Episode 5 will increase the level cap to 90, and will bring additional story, new quests, events, alliance quarters, and much more. Several decades have passed since the player originally arrived in Omega. Phantasy Star Online 2 is available in the west for Xbox One and PC. Phantasy Star Online 2 is available in the west for Xbox One and PC. However, with the odds stacked against them, will the power of [Elder] be an enemy... or an ally? Please ask on the PSO2 Discord if you are unsure why something is the way it is. EPISODE 5 is the fifth of Phantasy Star Online 2's six Episodes, whose story comprises the Photoner Arc. Prologue: Beyond the Savior's Outstretched Hands, Chapter 3: Siblings' Memories, Luther's Research, Chapter 4: [Apprentices] Summoned to the Desert, Lord of Epyk, Nestled in the Gods' Embrace. Level 90: more skills, more skill points, more POWERRRR. Home » News » Phantasy Star Online 2 Episode 5 Gets Western Release Date & New Trailer. Started in January of 2016, we have 6,512 pages to date.. The remnants of the royal family, Harriette and Luther, have gathered a small resistance to stop the evil Lutz from abusing the power of Ephemeral any further. The "significant" changes are probably: The Hero class: it's a new class, it's pretty OP. A few weeks ago, we heard that the western version enjoyed a “strong start” and that it passed one million players. As Luther's corruption reaches critical mass, the player and Xiera must discover the truth behind Luther and Harriette's shared past before the power of [Luther] arises once again. With the Crimson Fellwyrm defeated, the heroes attempt to take a much-deserved rest, but destroying the dragon has taken a heavy toll on Luther. We’ll also be getting the first “Scion Class” (which is what was called called “successor class” in Japanese), the Hero. You can also check out content recently announced for Japan and likely coming west down the line. The wiki is currently being maintained by various contributors and editors like you. Will the heroes be able to save the haughty ruler of Epyk from her own darkness? Equipment. Upon arrival, the heroes find themselves battling familiar friends in even stranger circumstances, and all roads lead back to Margaretta. Navigation. When the spirit of the host of the first Klariskrays makes her appearance, it's up to the player to stop the alternate dimension, formally known as "Omega", from spreading and consuming the outside world. In the meanwhile, Sega recently announced Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, which will basically be a new game operated in parallel with the original Phantasy Star Online 2. The original game will, in turn, receive a visual upgrade to bring it in line with New Genesis’ graphics. ョン2020 WEBイベント実施中, もっとゲームを楽しもう! 有料ポイント. We already know that Episode 6 will follow in Q4 of this year, as the western version of the game accelerates to catch up to the Japanese one. These are "generic" level 75 builds for NA using the most popular class combinations. This would coincide with the end of EPISODE 6 in Japan. However, when the plan goes awry, the player finds themselves astray in a bizarre alternate universe of medieval proportions. Armed with the power of Aether, the player and Matoi are recruited by Xiao to enact a daring plan: to rescue [Persona] from the throes of the Profound Darkness, thus destroying it for good. メディア 5/19(火)公式番組『pso2 station!+』放送のお知らせ(5/18 17:00更新) 05/18 メディア 3/24『PSO2 STATION!+』初出のマル秘映像を公開! 03/25 This page was last edited on 10 November 2020, at 00:07. The player and Hariette travel to Epyk, a barren desert country neighboring Cuento, at the behest of its ruler Margaretta to investigate the appearance of strange beings seemingly tied to Dark Falz [Apprentice]. 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L-ring crafting with 12* units: add L-ring skills to units, so now you have 4 L-ring skills available at once Weyland, a neighboring country to Cuento, has been locked in civil war for what feels like an eternity, instigated by the country's ruthless ruler who is driven by a lust for combat and power. With the player seemingly being the "chosen one" as foretold by an ancient prophecy, they must ally themselves with the resistance if they hope to put an end to the corruption. Travelling to Weyland, the player and Harriette ally with Gettemhult and Melfonseana, two of Weyland's bravest warriors who are hoping to taking down their king. Ys Artia is the last of the fourth countries of Omega, lead by its child ruler Florent and his retainer Clarissa. Although seemingly peaceful at first glance, the appearance of Elmir causes the situation to deteriorate fast, and the heroes are called in to investigate what seems to be the power of [Gemini]. Players will be able to use the same accounts and characters to play both games. Today Sega announced a release date for Episode 5 of its popular MMORPG Phantasy Star Online 2 alongside a new trailer. Today Sega announced a release date for Episode 5 of its popular MMORPG Phantasy Star Online 2. If you would like to help out, please see New Editors page. The new content, which is basically comparable to an expansion in other MMORPG, will release on September 30 for Xbox One and PC.