Get the help you need from a therapist near you–a FREE service from Psychology Today. Sheep do care about their own lives and how they are treated and respond to similar situations in similar ways to humans. They are consumed worldwide as mutton, hogget, and lamb, kept as wool and milk producers, and used extensively in scientific research. For example, there is a wealth of information on how sheep have extremely sophisticated face recognition abilities on a par with humans. What Would a Mother "Food" Cow Tell Us About Her Children? And if you take the time to assess who’s who in the herd you find that its structure is determined by individual sheep and their relationships with other sheep. When they behave collectively, as when moving in herd, this is a survival skill designed to protect the group, versus popular beliefs about them lacking common sense. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the suicidebywords community, Press J to jump to the feed. We are a country the size of California and we got 500 cases of the Wuhan half of which are in Stockholm alone. The kids in the upper left quadrant, the aggressively conventional-minded ones, are the tattletales. Had a lady come in and buy 600 POUNDS of kitty litter the other day, I feel like this should raise a serious issue questioning how the fuck most people are using TP after they shit so that they would have a legitimate worry about running out after buying a single 12-pack... should last a substantial amount of time. Jokes on them. Can Science Tell Us What We Ought to Do to Protect Animals. I kinda blame the media for creating a fear for corona virus, Costco was out of water and toilet paper. They use the just-in-time system meaning they cannot handle any unusual buying without causing a supply shortage. I just go to the expensive stores like qfc, they always got tp cuz it’s like 2 bucks more than any other store, preppers are cheap mofos, At the grocery store i work at in California, there is no toilet paper, any hand sanitizer, no soap, everything is off the shelves. All of these are “journeys” into the minds of farmed animals that revealed the fact that all farmed animals possess abilities that are seen in other animals we readily admit are exceedingly intelligent and complex, i.e. Our running water isn’t just gonna stop working because of a virus ..... Y’all they shut down the rest of the NBA season because of corona, imagine thinking a massively spreading deadly disease isn't something to be feared, at my local publix they had a paper that read something along the lines of “due to extreme supply and demand shortages we will be applying family size-based limits on items” at the checkouts, My mom bought some Costco water the other day couldn’t tell if it was because of the corona or because we had 2 cases left either way she reminded me to shit less because toilet paper is expensive now.